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You make it possible

make a CASH donation that will help us bring therapeutic riding to a person in need.

You can now donate through our PayPal secure payment account or you can mail your check to: Good Hope Equestrian Training Center, Inc. P.O. Box 700016 Miami, Florida 33170-0016

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Make positive changes in cognitive, physical, emotional and social domains.

Within this facet of our program our NARHA certified instructors guide their students through individual and group sessions. The sessions provide persons with varying disabilities a healthy outlet to share the common love of horses with others, while simultaneously triggering all their senses.

volunteering at
good hope is gratifying,
fun and a great workout!

Equine training helps mentally and physically challenged individuals succeed at tasks never dreamed possible.

SO come out and make a difference in the lives of the disabled.
For more info please call Ms. Kristen Quinn at (305) 258-2838.

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Waiting to see you really soon!

Address: 22155 SW 147th Ave
Miami, florida 33170
Office: 305.258.2838
Fax: 305.258.2902
P.O. Box: 700016 Miami, FL
Email: ghetc@bellsouth.net